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The multi talented Tyler Perry is well known for creating and performing in drag the prominent Madea character who is a lofty and thuggish tough elderly woman.Perry is an eminent American director, screenwriter, play writer, producer, author and an actor.I would do this twice a year with films so the timing couldn’t have been better.

“Television doesn’t demand as much as film does with the promotional tours over and over again and the hours.But whatever happens between Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele, it’s clear he will be a devoted father.Before baby Aman’s birth, Perry noted how his film schedule was dying down, giving him more time to spend with the newborn.After all, we didn’t even find out Bekele was pregnant until September, when she was already seven months along!Now that Aman Tyler Perry has been born, the question remains whether the elder Perry will marry Gelila Bekele.

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