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We will explore the origins of our covenantal faith and how we might live into the promises we make to one another today.Order of Service In the Jewish calendar, January 31st will be the holiday Tu B'shebat, which celebrates tree plantings and making the land more vibrant and healthy.

But in so many ways the discussion of death, and of how we die, is as important as any topic of life itself.

How do we move forward as a society in which so few men believe that they have acted inappropriately, while so many women have suffered the violation of such treatment?

Order of Service Saudade is a Portuguese word that is almost undefinable in English.

Order of Service On the cusp of the movement from one year to the next, we often are asked to come up with resolutions for how we will live differently. Nancy Owen Nelson has been a member of First UU Detroit since the Spring of 2012.

She has been a college English professor and has published research and creative work.

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Author, Manuel de Melo calls it: "a pleasure you suffer, an ailment you enjoy.

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