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Smallwood has a very wise introduction because she teaches readers to treasure light for its ability to let people function.Not much might be known about light, but people can still appreciate that blessing.For example, the poem, "The Sun Acquires" reveals how sunlight really is a blessing.That is because the sun is constantly, "battling clouds to warm shorn fields" (2).Within this poem, the main subject has vision problems, which might or might not have been caused by light.Smallwood offers a different look at light as a symbol because it can be interpreted as a blessing and a curse.Furthermore, sunlight also has the power of "granting light to those who seek it" (3).

The poem contains repetition of the line, "When the doctor said cataract surgery wouldn't help, I sighed." Sighing is symbolic of being able to breathe, and that the air people breathe really is a blessing.The first section is called, "Prisms," and Smallwood reveals how precious life truly is.Specifically, the poem "Cuttlefish" is about natural beauty.The shift from an optimistic view on light to a more pessimistic outlook suggests that nothing really is what it seems.In one way, light can bring about knowledge, hope, and creativity.

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