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However, Albert's diligence did not locate any copy of what he thought was Aristotle's Lapidary, and what is now known to be a pseudo-Aristotelian work.

His devotion and knowledge soon lead to his appointment to establish in Cologne a studium generale.

Per me petrum maufer normanuz Rothoma | gensem ciuem. | DEO GRATIAS AMEN."; 4/8v (=28v), line 58: "Capitulum nonuz de natura et proprietatibus electri. In this quest he was rewarded with the discovery of several ancient works thought lost. | Laus Deo | Impressum Papie per Christophorum de | canibus sub āno domini .149i. 2, line 60: "Finis." Bibliographical references: CBN: 1, 496.

Qui | ut correctiores redderentur famosissimus arti- | um et medicine doctor dominus Nicoletus de | pigaciis in preclarissimo gimnasio patauino | ordinariam philosophie legens accuratissime | reuisit. To attain this outcome, he scoured the libraries of every monastery he visited for any writings of the Ancients. Contents: a1r (=1r), "Alberti magni philoxophorū maximi de mi | neralibus liber primus īcipit. | Explicit op Alberti magni in libris quinz | mineraliuz. LIBer mineralium alberti magni | ..."; d8v (=28v), col.

] (unsigned); 28l.; no pagination, foliation or signiatures. Nobilis et egregii vi | ri Antonii de albricis Bargomensis artium | et medicine doctoris clarissimi impensa. Albertus Magnus set as his life's work to place all of Aristotle's extant writings into a coherent system and to reconcile the Greek philosophies with those of the Christian world. ..."; b1r (=9r), "z virtutes eorum eo mō quo mos ēmedicis | describere ..."; d8v (=28v), col. Exdictis enim omnino | quecūqz hic non nominata sunt de facili pote | runt cognosci. Pellechet, Catalogue General des Incunables, 1970: no.

Contents: 1/1r (=1r), "Alberti magni philosophoruz maximi de mi | neralibus liber primus īcipit. | Alberti magni libris quinqz mineralium deo | duce finis impositus est. | [D10]E cōmixtione | & coagulatōe simi | liter & gelatōe & | liquefactione & ce | teris buiusmodi | passionib in libro | metheororum iā | dictuz est.

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