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Still, the District remains a government plantation; a one-party, one-employer town where liberal political monoculture the culture.Faces on the street may have changed since the King assassination, but the face of politics is unaltered. Indeed, the party of segregation and Jim Crow still rules.Alas, liberal angst has now turned to nihilistic iconoclasm.Art, culture, history, and statuary are in the cross hairs.Barrios, slums, and associated crime in black DC may not be as bad as Chicago, but such urban comparisons are redundant.Withal, the nation’s capital, like most liberal urban sinecures, is still run by plantation elites; a Democrat Party where control, identity politics, and associated dependencies are the chains that bind.Ironically, Republicans, the party of Abraham Lincoln, have never elected a mayor or city council in the District of Columbia.The Lincoln legacy deficit is not the only irony in the District.

The race of rioters or public agitators is seldom reported with candor in press coverage.

The face of political arson and public mayhem has changed dramatically too. If you see a hood, a mask, a Molotov cocktail, or a torch on the streets of DC these days, the punk behind that black balaclava is likely to be a left-wing white male.

The difference between black and white rioters is geography.

Alas, the politics of rioters is more significant than race. Campus is the hothouse for politicized left-wing louts.

As poetic justice would have it, the unemployed or unemployable college graduate is the new face of liberal irony.

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The salutes were for DC, the nation’s capital, in those days a rare majority black town.

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