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Friday 1 December 2017 Episode 2923 A truce comes to an abrupt end, but one of the parties is completely unaware that hostilities have been resumed.Maletsatsi panics when she realises she has made a monumental error.

Phindile is puzzled and upset when a friend seems to be turning against her.Romeo is surprised by some sudden and unexpected feelings.Layla crosses a line which can only increase her confusion.Mlungisi hopes some food will sort out a problem for him.Wednesday 6 December 2017 Episode 2926 A woman is confident of her innocence, but evidence suggests otherwise.

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Boniswa makes it clear that she is not in a forgiving mood. Wednesday 15 November 2017 Episode 2911 Quinton is dismayed by the idea of a possible lie, and Dintle is horrified by the possibility of a confession.

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