Troubleshooting updating bios on a7n8x deluxe

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this morning i wanted to update my motherboard Bios to 1008 version.

I think the 1005 BIOS was meant for the rev 2.0 boards. Then again neither has the classic AWDFLASH on floppy method.

It's just more of a hassle having to go hunt it down either on the web or wherever you put it on your HDD.

I was one of the suckers that used an MSI flash utility about a year and a half ago and got red lights, so I do not want to re-live that moment of "oh crap! Yes, you can use XP to format as a DOS start-up disk. I think it's going to present you with some options first. It'll ask you for the filename which you will type in.

"Here are the direction that ASUS provides: How to Manage and Update your Motherboard's BIOSUpon First Use of the Computer System Create a bootable system floppy disk by typing [FORMAT A:/S] from the DOS prompt without creating "AUTOEXEC. Then it'll verify that the BIOS is right and go to the update screen. Then, when it's done, it'll tell you when you can reboot.

I booted with the diskette, started to update and in the middle of the update, there was a write failure and it blocked. When i try to do the update again, i always reveive 'unknown flash type' anyone who has an idea what i can try to do (i will try to clear my RAM/CMOS this evening but i'm not sure this will help) I will try to put back the original BIOS, if that doesn't work, i'll try to clear the CMOS.

Power up his motherboard Start the flash process Get to the "click ok to begin" Pry out his flash chip while the board is live Put in yours (also while the board is live) Click Ok and let the flash go Insert a disclaimer here that says you are on your own and can't come after me for anything if you try this, and fail You can get a new chip at Cheaper than a new board.Charlie PS I have that board and recently upgraded to 1008.Although I got updated to 1.05, not even 1.04 which is the latest on the ASUS NA Site.Perhaps that explains why the text was in German....


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