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Bender remembers his built in airbag, and manages to save Fry, who goes flying and lands straight on the time button. This is one of the episodes that never fail to make me tear up; speaking of which, the final episode is coming up in a few weeks, and that one's beautiful.

The Professor: "He was so saturated with ink that his entire body structure was polarized." Johnny Z: "You mean I'm invisible? He forces some of the gang to come with him, but they don't want to kill any foxes.Now what are we supposed to do at the office instead of work? They have rip-offs of all your favorite cartoons, exactly as you remember them. The gang is tasked with rescuing the miners, and end up becoming New New York's new fire department after a series of daring rescues by Bender. [Fry and Leela think they're alone while Zoidberg, Bender, Amy and Guenter watch on a screen] Fry: "It's so great being away from everyone; Zoidberg and his awful stench." Leela: "Staanky." Fry: "Bender and his obnoxious ego." Bender: [stammers in frustration] Leela: "And what about Amy?But something is amiss after multiple fires happen to occur near Bender's location on Earth. But here we are, stealing an unlimited supply of birthday-grade helium from the unsuspecting moon." Kif: "Sun." Zapp: "At night, it's called the moon." #Futurama Fryday #Futurama #Fryday #Friday #Fry Bender #Sun #Moon #helium #mine #Save Futurama #Avenge Us @keefspacenine Futurama Fryday: Episode 123 (S7E17 Fry and Leela's Big Fling) Fry and Leela find it difficult to get some quality time alone together, far from the woes of daily life. Always prancing around in those stupid marmoset pajamas." Amy: "Hey! That monkey we haven't seen in years, Guenter." Guenter: " @keefspacenine Futurama Fryday: Episode 122 (S7E16 T.: The Terrestrial) Earth gets invaded by Omicron Persei 8, an Earthican embargo of Omicron Persei 8 causes the crew to have to sneak over to find The Professor's herbal remedy, and Fry ends up getting lost there! Good thing Lrrr, ruler of the planet Omicron Persei 8, has a son who is much more compassionate than he is and finds Fry first.But the whole bean thing doesn't play out well, and Leela ends up trapped at Momsanto, which is apparently just sorta floating above New New York. The woman I love." #Futurama Fryday #Futurama #Fryday #Friday #Fry #Leela #Leela Andthe Genestalk #magicbeans #Save Futurama #Avenge Us @keefspacenine Futurama Fryday: Episode 126 (S7E21 Assie Come Home) While delivering a mysterious crate of guns to Peebles Alpha, the planet of gangs, thugs and hustlers, things head south at a shootout and Bender ends up robbed of his entire body, head included.It's not long before Fry and Bender come to rescue her. But it can't really continue." Fry: "What are you talking about? Not entirely sure how that's possible, but Bender and the gang now have to hunt down every last piece of what made Bender Bender.

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