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With his own admission, Mosquito revealed that despite his differences with Giriko, he once held a similar mindset to the chainsaw when he was younger and cited he was a "hot-blooded one back in the day".

His appearance is that of a short old man, with a height similar to a young child, with a large pointy nose, red eyes, gray hair and a mustache.

Soul, however, isn’t sure how he feels about all of this – and enlists the help of hero slash reincarnated partner Maka to help him find his brother, and a journey of self-discovery (and probably a lot of awkward pining) awaits him.

Soul and Maka have to figure out where to go next with their lives, now that they've officially graduated from the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

He wears a classic wardrobe; consisting of a formal black suit and white shirt, completed with a black bow tie and a relatively large black top hat.

Mosquito is a powerful Bloodsucker, who's forms tend to be deceptively strong for those who gauge his power based on his appearance.

But when its reliability is cast into tremendous doubt, Maka’s doubts about whether the relationship she leapt into with Soul is really “meant to be” get the best of her as she tries desperately to out-logic her fear.

Expecting to learn the ropes, they get more than they bargained for when the terrorist group Arachnophobia targets the ship on its maiden voyage. AU: There exists a universe in which there are demon weapons, but the guiding light of the Death Weapon Meister Academy does not glow, leaving humanity with all its prejudices and the weapons to navigate the world without a united front.

As a fierce believer of Arachnophobia, he has also shown himself to not hesitate in killing any enemy of his organisation no matter reagardless of age.

He is willing to manipulate extremely skilled men such as Mifune with those he cares about, like Angela.

As everything falls apart around them, can two rookies really make a difference? Note that this version of the story includes an extra smutty/18 chapter at the end.

Tired of studying for her impossible music course, college student Maka Albarn orders a pizza for dinner.

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