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Croissants, ice cream cones, pink lemonade...culinary lore abounds.In short, food history is not a "piece of cake." There are several sources you can use to construct your own food product timeline. Recipe names celebrate, commemorate, elucidate, and entice.JSTOR, Dissertation Abstracts, Historical Abstracts, America: History & Life, Sociological Abstracts, Agricola Primary sources: period cookbooks, company brochures, menus, grocers handbooks, diaries, store ledgers, photographs & newspaper ads.Libraries, museums, historical societies, living history museums & industry/company archives. Tomato sauce is the cornerstone of many popular Italian dishes, but these fruits (as they are botanically classed) weren't known to Europe until the 16th century. Some foods (rice, beans, pork, bread, soup) are nearly ubiquitious. Apple pie is an American icon, but apples aren't native to our country.

A survey of cookbooks through time often reveals similar recipes with different names. It is very helpful if you have some idea of recipe origination: cookbook, magazine article, newspaper clipping, radio/television show, "back of the box," contest winner? Where and when (1930s Quebec) is important for tracking local fare.We would be happy to help you determine an approximate date/identify your cookbook if you are willing to share information outlined above. Manuscript cook books are indeed rare and special finds. As we turn the pages of this very personal piece of history, we wonder: who wrote this book and why? If so, birth year might determine approximate year of this book. 1916 may have been placed there at the time of writing or later. Are the pages supple or brittle, is the ink readable or fading? If items are inserted/attached to the book, do they provide clues? Are the pages in pristine condition or are they stained & sticky? If so, do they depict the recipe (drawing of corn stick pan) or are they doodles, underlines, fanciful recipe headers?It would also help if you could scan a few sample pages with the popular recipes. Recipe measures Provenance: Where did you find this book? (Old newspapers clippings, corporate cooking brochures, scraps of paper attached with steel pins). Professional appraisers and/or members of the Antiquarian American Booksellers Association are qualified to do this. Order of recipes: is there a table of contents & index?Include any blank pages bound in the volume, noting where they appear. As a general rule, the older the book, the better the quality paper & more likely it is to be in excellent readable shape.Recipes: Title, ingredients, method and presentation offer the best clues for approximate dating.

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