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This is the real male version of the D&G Light Blue.

I’m a drummer so as I was heating up that’s when the warmth happened I totally thought it was coming from someone else then realized it was me!

Online shops offers: Fragrance 13 items for 1.62 - 48.74 USDFragrance EUR 8 items for 2.46 - 50.42 EURFragrance 8 items for 2.99 - 61.19 4 items for 21.50 - 68.00 GBPView products...

This new Versace Man version is fresher and more aquatic.

The smell of it is very tropical and reminds me of somewhere like Hawaii or Indonesia. I know that the concept of money is different for everybody but this fragrance is readily available for less than USD which is a huge bargain in my opinion. I love chrome azzaro but this smells like it should’ve been a women’s perfume.

I would say it's pretty unisex but there is nothing wrong with that. No masculine notes at all, and for how expensive and being Versace it’s horrible. The citrus and starfruit top notes changes to slightly powdery on the dry down.

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