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The attackers did have some things in common: At least some school shootings may be preventable if students and adults know what to watch for.

School administrators, faculty, and law enforcement should move quickly if there is an indication of a potential school shooting, because the amount of time spent planning can be very short.

Lastly, the author believe that decisions that reflect appropriate sensitivity to legal and ethical issues must be made by the treating professional with the appropriate consultation of peers, supervisors and legal council.

Based in part upon experience, the most important common areas where professionals encounter difficult legal and ethical decisions in treating this population, particularly the court mandated client includes: 1) informed consent and other issues related to client safety, 2) confidentiality and privilege, 3) scope of competence and license, 4) financial issues, and 5) advertising.

In 2014, 4,300 young people ages 10-24 were victims of homicide - an average of 12 each day.

Following are additional relevant gun violence statistics: Updated March, 2017 (Assault-style Weapons updated December 2017): There are numerous sources for the facts and statistics listed above including databases from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Pennsylvania Department of Health, and Mother Jones; research reports from Congressional Research Service, US General Accounting Office, Brady Campaign, and Every Town for Gun Safety; news articles from Mother Jones, Washington Post, New York Times; and many peer-reviewed journal articles.

Many were part of the mainstream social group and had excellent grades.However, by definition, the specific legal and/or ethical decisions a professional must make, is often issue and case specific.Therefore, while we will provide as much specificity as possible, it remains incumbent that the treating clinician realize that difficult legal and ethical decisions must be made within the context of their professional legal and ethical mandates ( i.e.Students and peers are often the ones who known about a potential attack, so they should be encouraged to be part of the prevention process.Adults should take seriously any information they receive from students about a potential attack, and should make sure students feel comfortable coming forward.

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With the recent advent of mandatory arrest laws for domestic violence, treatment programs around the country have proliferated in response to the growing need for services of court-mandated clients.

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