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There was no public outcry, no petitions, no press conferences pointing the finger at Legatus and its speakers.

There was a charge made on some little LGBT blogs and poof, Sinise and Baier whimpered away like scalded dogs.

Hunt emailed Baier through the Washington Speaker’s Bureau and so far has not heard a word.

Sinise issued a statement that he did not want his mission “which is designed to be unifying” to be disrupted by any controversies.

Sinise says he does not want what amounts to Catholic teaching to disrupt his unifying mission, but he has certainly taken sides hasn’t he? He is the author of Fake Science: Exposing the Left’s Skewed Statistics, Fuzzy Facts, and Dodgy Data published by Regnery.

He has made it clear that the hard parts of faithful Catholicism are monstrosities to be shunned and he has done this in craven obeisance to what; 1percent of 1.6 percent of the population? He is also the author of the new book Little Suffering Souls: Children Whose Short Lives Point Us to Christ published by Tan Books.

But more than monitor, their job is rather like advanced scouts so that other LGBTs may then move in to target and punish.

There are many more who have lost their jobs, and more who self-censor, simply shut up out of fear.

He specifically mentioned “the controversy surrounding some of the participants, and their views on personal matters.” The Washington Speaker’s Bureau specifically mentioned their worries about a speaker named Paul Darrow, former male super model who left the gay life when he joined the Catholic Church and who was the focus of a moving documentary about his conversion called released late last year. There is a tiny group of LGBT activists who cannot stand the notion that anyone would desert their ranks.

These LGBT activists make up a tiny sliver of a tiny sliver, hardly enough to “surround” anything.

Professor Robert Oscar Lopez has documented the lies this group has spread about him. Other LGBT outlets pile on, including something Joe. He tells his readers that I support violence against LGBTs overseas even though I have spoken out against such things.

There are others who work mostly as trolls in the comment boxes.

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