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The Lord, however, sees and understands the possibilities of life and eternity far more com­pletely than we ever will, and if we allow it, He is able to use all the events and experiences of our lives — even the dark and somber ones — to bring about something of lasting and unequaled beauty.Grief over any serious loss — especially the death of a loved one — is a very heavy cross to bear, and we’re certainly not ex­pected to see right away how the dark colors of our mourning can be transformed into the joyous hues of eternity. Francis de Sales came from a large family, and although he was often somewhat melancholy, he experienced great happiness in spending time with those he loved.The process of reliving and talking about the person who has died can come with laughter as those who are grieving remember times that were funny and warm. Many of these symptoms are shared by people with major depression but significantly different symptoms are part of the profile. The states the anyone who grieves beyond two weeks falls into the category of the depressed.However, there is now a controversy over whether grief is different from grieving? However, who is to say that it takes only two weeks to grieve?In May, the American Psychiatric Association published its new is used by psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical social workers to diagnose patients presenting with symptoms typical of the categories of diagnosis presented in the manual. The amount of time spent mourning a loved one varies according to each individual.

You will weep and lament, but the world will rejoice; you will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will turn into joy….

Exaggerated fatigue In major depression, these feelings are unremitting and carry with them the real danger of suicide.

In fact, the new DSM was written the way it was in order to treat those who, in the process of grieving, may be carrying a major depression with them.

Jane, who understandably felt very guilty over the girl’s death (even though it was in no way her fault), had herself drunk deeply from the cup of sorrow some years earlier.

Her beloved husband, Christophe, was shot by a friend in a hunting accident.

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