Gmail backdating email

Is 'unsend mail' a feature your organisation would pay for?

Apologies for not doing any of these things with our spare time.

Also find spoken pronunciation of backdate in Hindi and in English language.

If we opened the source would anyone care, or contribute?

However, anyone who has Configuration permission can modify these settings.

Salsa CRM sends mail via the simple mail transport protocol (SMTP).

We've looked longingly many times at working out a way to strip attachments from emails. Most of the time the email scanner is doing nothing but waiting for google to respond.

There are some reasons why this has never eventuated: Do you have a solution to these issues? Finding the big mails is great for reclaiming your space but what about all those little emails, all alike, which cummulatively add to your total. This is very inefficient and for a long time I've tried to work out how to manage and isolate lots and lots of scans operating in parallel.

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// define('MAIL_MODE', 'smtp'); define('MAIL_SMTP_HOST', 'localhost'); // For gmail use 'ssl://' instead of 'localhost' and port 465.

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