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Concerning communication and sitting together, my question remains: What exactly is it that you are able to say but incapable of writing?Over the years, I have become suspicious of someone who cannot write something but insists that he wants to say it, because when he is finally sitting there, guess what, he can still not say it.

And this is not even counting the number of environment level interruptions you can't control in an office -- phone calls, people walking around, people laughing, chatting too loud, etc.My desire is to have a team that gets the job done.The most effective way for them to do this IMO is to have them sit together so that they can discuss issues they have immediately.When you limit the dimensions of a face-to-face communication to the dimenions of a written communication, it is tautological to say the are the same.But the advantage of face-to-face is exactly having more communication dimensions.

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  1. “This is a profound commentary on today’s dating world living operating electronically online,” says Fran Walfish, Beverly Hills family and relationship psychotherapist, author of “The Self-Aware Parent.” Singletons scour social media for any sign of dysfunction and they are quick to act upon the information. (And experts say this spying is unlikely to stop if they get married.) Bad spelling is a turnoff for potential dates and employers, studies show.