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The term "zoophilia" is also known from the DSM-III (APA, 1980).In the current version IV, it is included in the category "paraphilia not otherwise specified".In the moment, you may want to jerk off and take a nap. However, if you come at your submission with an eye towards worship, and set this as the center of your motivation, you’ll discover that your submission becomes a type of service instead of a terrible chore you have to complete. Would I want you to eat the double cheeseburger, or would I want you to take care of my submissive and eat the heart healthy option?But I want you to wait, and remain on call to serve my whims. Instead of doing tricks to earn a reward, the trick becomes the reward. Put your Mistress at the center of everything you do, think, and say. Would I prefer that you wear the ugly man briefs or the cute girly pink panties? Bestiality is mostly used to describe any sexual acts and relations between a human being and an animal.According to Rosenfeld (1967) and Rosenberger (1968) the term zooerasty is only appropriate, if the intercourse with an animal is an established preference.If a woman approaches any animal to have intercourse with it you shall kill the woman and the beast" (Leviticus 20: 15-16).These biblical text-passages were the justification for punishing people with the death penalty until up into the 18 century, as can be seen from court reports.

It’s possible to be both reverent and refuse to submit. I want you to both submit to me and worship, and I expect you to bring your A-game to both of those activities.Krafft-Ebing (1935) uses that term for those with a pathological personality.But Masters (1966, 1962) calls anyone, who has sexual relations with animals a "zooerast" and states, that the animal sex is a kind of masturbation for those persons who have no emotional involvement with the animal.The rather outdated term sodomy is defined as "any sexual intercourse held to be abnormal, especially bestiality or anal intercourse between men" (Neufeldt & Guralnik, 1989).Often the term sodomy is used to describe any kind of "unnatural" sexual acts and "crimes against nature" (Stayton, 1994).

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