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Goenkaji traveled to consult doctors in Japan, Europe and America; none of them could help. At the same time he was a lay teacher of Vipassana, a technique of self-introspection that had been handed down from ancient times by the community of Buddhist monks in Myanmar.Goenkaji took his friend’s suggestion and arranged a visit to see the meditation center and learn about what was taught there.Another shrine building has a large standing statue of the original Monyhin Sayadaw, next to one of a Buddha that is customarily placed in the center.The pagoda is also quite beautiful, and is a very suitable place for meditation.As the Japanese army invaded Myanmar in 1942, Goenkaji helped to lead a large group of family members overland through mountain and jungle to safety in India.They were more fortunate than the thousands of people who died on the arduous journey.As this is off the normal meditator-circuit, it is truly a special place to spend a day-- or many more-- silently pursuing one's meditative practice.Hi all dhamma friends, wish to share this happy moment to you all.

For more information, contact Sayadaw U Indaka, the current abbot overseeing the center.

But as he has often recounted, wealth and prominence gave him no peace. Goenka with Sayagyi U Ba Khin It was then that a friend suggested going to the International Meditation Centre in northern Yangon, established a few years earlier by Sayagyi U Ba Khin.

Instead, mental tension triggered debilitating migraines that could be treated only with doses of highly addictive morphine. Born into a poor family, U Ba Khin had risen to become a top-level civil servant in the government of Myanmar, renowned for his integrity and effectiveness.

But he was an upright, honest man who was spiritually inclined; and though a Hindu, he quickly developed a deep respect for the Myanmar people and their traditions. When he was a child, Goenkaji recalled, his grandfather took him to the famous Maha Myat Muni pagoda on the outskirts of Mandalay.

There the old man sat with eyes closed, engaged in silent contemplation.

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As the young man approached, U Ba Khin recognized that here was someone who would be instrumental in the fulfillment of his mission as a Vipassana teacher.

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