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The latest version of this license is in version 1.1 or later is part of all distributions of La Te X version 1999/06/01 or later.

The `T2' package is available at CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/t2 ftp://ru/pub/tex/t2gz Starting with the 1998/12/01 release, La Te X2e officially supports new standard Cyrillic font encodings (T2A, T2B, T2C, X2) and various Cyrillic input encodings, which form the `cyrillic' bundle of the official La Te X distribution (CTAN:macros/latex/required/cyrillic).

* read a `README' file in the `etc/rubibtex' directory if you are using bibtex.

* read a `README' file in the `etc/rumkidx' directory if you are using makeindex.

* the `mathtext' package which makes it possible to use Cyrillic letters `transparently' in math formulae.

To generate the package file `mathtext.sty', run the command "latex mathtext.ins".

It may be distributed under the conditions of the La Te X Project Public License, either version 1.1 of this license or (at your option) any later version.Actually, most of the women I know go out of their way not to reveal their fertility time crunch to dates. ” say dating columnists.) Still, the pressure can be unbearable. I’ve observed that it comes in stages: First comes a delicious “I don’t care” liberation.You used to feel as if you had years to find the right parenting partner, and now you’re down to months. while you check your phone to see if Thursday’s date texted back. A year before, you wouldn’t have considered Thursday’s date in the first place.In particular, in addition to the `cyrillic' bundle you will need at least LH fonts and hyphenation patterns.The latest version of the LH fonts package (v3.20) which supports T2A, T2B, T2C, X2 standard Cyrillic Te X font encodings (and also LCY, OT2, and some other encodings) is available at CTAN:fonts/cyrillic/lh You can find a collection of Russian hyphenation patterns which support T2 (and other) font encodings in a `ruhyphen' package at CTAN:language/hyphenation/ruhyphen ftp://ru/pub/tex/gz Some additional support files and packages are located in subdirectories of the `T2' package.

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