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According to Love Bollywood, an English fan site, there are twenty-three double hand gestures and thirty-two single hand gestures, a wide and versatile vocabulary for choreographers.For example, in the movie , one of the dancers waves her hand over the bride's head, turns her hand into a fist, and presses her knuckles into the side of her own head.But that’s why the father-daughter and mother son dances have become so popular over the years.

The Mexican Hat Dance originated in Jalisco, Mexico.Whether you want to learn some of the dances, or you are only interested in observing this art form, going to a performance is an inspiring opportunity.The colors, rhythms, and movements of Mexico will come alive through the dancers' performances, and your experiences of Mexican dance will take on a new richness from seeing the dances in person.), on November 19, 2011, it was an occasion to celebrate.So to raise a toast in honor of their love, Marianna chose an intoxicating theme for their wedding: fall vineyard!

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