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This FAQ is on the science of transsexuality and transgender sexuality.

There are many myths and misunderstandings about transsexuality and transgender people.

And while a Pekinese is the same size as a house cat, you wouldn’t confuse the two.

Think of these two types of transsexuals / transgenders as being separate species, perhaps like dogs and cats.

This FAQ is meant only as an introduction to the science, a launching of point for fully exploring the science.

More than 95% transition full time before the age of 25 and it is unheard of to find one who transitions full time after age 30.

Worse, many cherry-pick among the scientific papers, choosing those that, in isolation, appear to support a given thesis.

Many transsexual and transgendered people have read misinformation and disinformation regarding the science, denying or decrying the science, often in emotionally inflammatory language, that makes its rounds in the echo chamber of the web and social media.

Their cross-sex gender identity and decision to transition come early in life and feels like an easy and natural extension of their previous history.

Unlike the other type, they do experience sexual arousal with cross-dressing or to the thought of being or becoming the opposite sex.

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