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Bacigalupi is about as imaginative as the worst science fiction and fantasy we've seen on television, the absurd scenarios of reduxes that posit humans under the control of technology.All science fiction looks towards the future of our race, but that is a broad brush.Said believes that our knowledge of the Orient is "ignorant, but complex" — the kind of observation that wouldn't stand up to the scrutiny of a dinner party if you didn't already want to believe it.The very fact that Westerners were able to make careers of it suggests they understood it far better than Said believed.On many levels this novel is a testament to his admirable integrity.

Then again, it's somewhat charming that Said had the temerity to approach the topic at all.Said retroactively applied the current political attitude towards the Arab world to its history, with varying results.Much to Said's probable disgust, we are being assaulted with Western literature and art about the non-European world.Most of , in fact, is about all the slightly more dishonest things that have been written about the non-European world, which in its totality constituted the focus of the Jerusalem-born politician's writing.Said was above all a politician-martyr, and when he died in 2003 he left behind a legacy of us versus them political effluvium that has haunted political science departments across the eastern seaboard.

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