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Like Whats App, you can turn this feature off, in your profile settings (annoyingly Hangouts will periodically ask you if you want to re-enable this).

You can also easily share your location from Hangouts with a single tap, and set your status or mood for your contacts to see.

Because you can also easily use it from your desktop browser and in Gmail, it's one of the most convenient messaging apps around.

As with most free messaging apps, there is a cost; here it's that your data is kept 'anonymously' by Google to help it provide you with tailored advertisements across its services.

Your phone is built for communication, but do you ever really talk on it?

Voice calls are almost forgotten in this world of texting, instant messaging, group chats, and video calls.

Chatting with Gmail friends on your mobile phone is easy and comes with a number of options depending on the type of phone you use.

Its best features are its Google account integration, and its excellent synced notifications.

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These accounts are able to be linked together under the imo umbrella.

It’s an excellent way to carry out multiple conversations at once without having to switch back and forth between apps.

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